Telephone Call IRS Scam Area Code 202

Yesterday I received several phone calls from a number in the 202, Washington DC, area code. I never answer calls that I can't identify so on the second try the caller left me a message.

The message used a synthesized voice using an American accent but with horrible grammar. It told me that the caller was from the IRS and that the IRS had determined I had committed fraud. I was advised to call 202-470-0077 immediately.

I googled the number and found others had experienced the same issue. Some people even said the caller told them the police would be at their home within 15-20 minutes to arrest them.

This morning, I got a frantic call from one of my clients who lives in Denver. Guess what kind of a call he got? Yes, the exact same one.

The IRS NEVER calls taxpayers to discuss their accounts like this or to ask for money over the phone. These people are nothing more than thieves. Apparently, this group operates out of India or Pakistan.

If you get a call like this from anyone claiming to be from the IRS don't answer it and just block it. I use an app on my android called TrueCaller. You can get it here I highly recommend it as it will, in many cases, identify the call as spam before you even answer it.


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