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NetCPA's is a CPA firm concentrated on Xero based out of Breckenridge. Terry Power, CPA, is the principal. Terry focuses exclusively on providing Xero-based accounting solutions for small businesses.

He currently has Xero clients in Denver, Summit and Eagle Counties, with plans to expand to anywhere in the US a client needs Xero.    

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Aug 25

Xero Survey: Which Celebrities Would You Want To Do Business With?

Posted by Terrence Power, CPA at Tuesday, August 25, 2015

In honor of "World Entrepreneur Day", Xero polled small business owners around the world to find out which celebrity entrepreneur they'd like to work with, and which one they wouldn't go near.  

Oprah Winfrey finished first, both in the US and globally.  It's obvious that Oprah is a successful entrepreneur having interests including TV production, publishing, and philanthropic ventures.  Plus, she's worth over $3 billion.  Getting paid shouldn't be an issue!  Others making the list of wanted celebrities are Gwyneth Paltrow, Mark Cuban, Kate Hudson, and Stella McCartney.  

Who was least admired?  Would Kim Kardashian be a surprise winner?  Presidential candidate Donald Trump came in second.  Presumably getting paid by The Donald after having four of his companies declare bankruptcy might be problematic.  Martha Stewart came in third.  Being accused of insider trading and serving a jail sentence aren't exactly glowing characteristics.  

Trump, who has a declared net worth of $10 billion, was given the following advice to improve his finances:  reconcile your bank accounts, reduce your alimony payments, and get a new hairdo!  

None of the winners, or losers, would ever be clients of NetCPAs.  We'd let the Big Four firms worry about taking care of them, and keep our focus on the people who really make America tick:  small businesses and their owners.  

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